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International Experience

One thing all our clients have in common? You'll be working in a fast-paced, modern and multicultural office environment. Your colleagues will be from all over the world and English will be the default language to communicate with at work. You'll greatly advance your English skills while working abroad!

What is it like to work abroad?

Moving to another country can be a big step. You'll not only start a new job, but also join a new geographic and cultural environment. Here are some points to consider:

  • Relocation

    To start a job in a new country you obviously have to physically get there and find a place to stay. Many of our clients therefore provide some sort of assistance with this to make it a smooth experience for you.

  • Work

    At work you'll mainly interact with clients in your native language, while English is the way to communicate with your colleagues. Most of our clients have a training program that'll get you up to speed with the company and your role when you start.

  • Culture

    Whenever you relocate into a new culture, you'll of course notice differences to home. This can be seen in the language spoken in the streets, food in restaurants, bars, sports and much more. But most importantly by the people you meet. Embrace the experience!

Karlbergsgatan 6
652 24 Karlstad Directions

Athens - Greece

105 52 Athens Directions

Barcelona - Spain

08002 Barcelona Directions

Belfast - Northern Ireland

BT1 5AF Belfast Directions

Berlin - Germany

10178 Berlin Directions

Bucharest - Romania

Bucharest Directions

Budapest - Hungary

1013 Budapest Directions

Burgas - Bulgaria

8001 Burgas Directions

Cork - Ireland

Cork Directions

Dublin - Ireland

Dublin Directions

Dundalk - Ireland

A91 Y6C3 Dundalk Directions


553 16 Jönköping Directions

Kraków - Poland

30 Kraków Directions

Larnaca - Cyprus

Larnaca Directions

Limassol - Cyprus

Limassol Directions

Lisbon - Portugal

1150-234 Lisbon Directions

London - Luton

LU1 2SW Luton Directions

Porto - Portugal

4050-327 Porto Directions

Prague - Czech Republic

120 00 Prague Directions

Riga - Latvia

1050 Riga Directions

Sliema - Malta

Sliema Directions

Sofia - Bulgaria

1000 Sofia Directions

Stockholm - Sweden

111 52 Stockholm Directions

Tallinn - Estonia

10111 Tallinn Directions

Thessaloniki - Greece

546 31 Thessaloniki Directions


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