International Careers

International job opportunities

Lingocruit is experiencing an increase in demands for international recruitment companies. As country borders are slowly starting to open up again our clients demands for native Dutch, French, German and/or Nordic speaking talents are being especially requested. 

We specialize in career opportunities for native language speakers in an international environment. Throughout Europe there's a wide variety of companies looking to hire motivated bilingual talent.

So if you are looking for the next step in your career, international experience or simply a new adventure?  We'll put you in touch with an international employer and help you with every step of the recruitment process!

Your safety is important to us! All of our partners and your potential new employer has made sure that necessary precautions due to Covid19 restrictions has been taken in the workplace to ensure you a safe relocation and onboarding. 

Connect with us today and one of our recruiters will guide you on your way!

International Experience

One thing all our clients have in common? You'll be working in a fast-paced, modern and multicultural office environment. Your colleagues will be from all over the world and English will be the default language to communicate with at work. You'll greatly advance your English skills while working abroad!

What is it like to work abroad?

Moving to another country can be a big step. You'll not only start a new job, but also join a new geographic and cultural environment. Here are some points to consider:

  • Relocation

    To start a job in a new country you obviously have to physically get there and find a place to stay. Many of our clients therefore provide some sort of assistance with this to make it a smooth experience for you.

  • Work

    At work you'll mainly interact with clients in your native language, while English is the way to communicate with your colleagues. Most of our clients have a training program that'll get you up to speed with the company and your role when you start.

  • Culture

    Whenever you relocate into a new culture, you'll of course notice differences to home. This can be seen in the language spoken in the streets, food in restaurants, bars, sports and much more. But most importantly by the people you meet. Embrace the experience!



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